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The NZRFC Annual conference is being held presently in New Plymouth at the New Plymouth Sport Fishing Club. As we go on we’ll pop up some photos and the juice bits will come early next week.

The Minister of Fisheries, Hon. Phil Heatley. Not a strong message of positivity for Rec Fishers;

His solution is that we should provide a united front when engaging.


NZRFC President, Geoff Rowling responding to the Minister

Len Olyott, Past CEO RecFish Australia delivering a clear message on the best paths forward for recreational fisheries management in NZ

United Future Leader, Hon. Peter Dunne providing some enlightened thoughts on the implementation and strengths of a possible statutory body.


Martin Salter, Former UK Minister of Parliment for Reading & former parliamentary spokesman for angling presented his paper “Keep Australia Fishing”; Commissioned by the Australian Fishing Trade Association. Martins presentation shall be available on YouTube shortly.




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  1. In relation to a question about where are we headed, Ted Howard put up a slide showing some graphs from a presentation made by Ray Hilborn. Several people showed interest, so here are the links to the original article.

    The entire presentation called “Re-interpreting the Fisheries Crisis” is available here http://www.uwtv.org/programs/displayevent.aspx?rID=2515&fID=456

    The Powerpoint containing the graphs is available on this link http://www.fish.washington.edu/people/rayh/UW_Science_forum.ppt , and the slides shown are slides 48 – 53, and the whole presentation is well worth close consideration.

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