Understanding Future Search

Future Search is a strategic planning process used world wide in diverse cultures to achieve shared goals and fast action. Future Search brings together representatives of all parts of the system and enables them to find common ground and agree actions for the future.

The meeting design of Future Search 2013 comes from theories and principles tested in many cultures for over 50 years. The core conditions of success of the method involve getting the whole system in the room, getting participants to focus on future and common ground, not problems and conflicts empowering participants to self manage and be self responsible and finally having a global context for local action. The following video explains the Future Search method in simple terms.

The co-developers of the method, Sandra Janoff and Marvin Weisbord can be watched here explaining Future Search.

The Future Search method has been successful on a wide variety of issues in countries as diverse as Northern Ireland, USA, Sudan, Brazil, Germany and many others.

To learn more about Future Search and how it can be applied to the challenges facing recreational fishers in NZ, read the following Future Search funding flyer

Donate to Future Search: http://fishinfuturesearch.co.nz/contribute/

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