About Objectives — 23 August 2011
Objectives of the NZRFC


  1. To be an advocate for the sustainable utilisation of fisheries resources in New Zealand so that the non-commercial fishing public have access to abundant fisheries;
  2. To actively participate in fisheries management, acting in the best interests and for the benefit of the non-commercial fishing public in New Zealand;
  3. To educate and inspire the fishing public on a pathway to stewardship of the fisheries resources;
  4. To foster a change process to a better future for all who fish in New Zealand for food or fun, thereby building the capacity of the fishing public to exercise stewardship of New Zealand’s fisheries resources;
  5. To act in a manner consistent with the Treaty of Waitangi 1840;
  6. To liaise and cooperate with like organisations when that will further the objectives of the Council.


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