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Ted Howard

Acting President

Ted has been a fisherman for over half a century, 17 years as a commercial fisherman and all of it as a recreational fisherman.  He has a degree in Marine Ecology, and experience in all aspects of fisheries.   Ted has been president of the Kaikoura Boating Club since 2005, and is treasurer of Te Korowai o te Tai o Marokura.

Email: [email protected]  Phone: 027 442 4281

Ted with Hapuku on Armers Beach Kaikoura

Geoff Rowling

Immediate Past President

 Seven generations of living on the same stretch of coastline has given Geoff insight to first hand knowledge of changing abundance and access to our coastal fisheries. He has spent the last twenty years working with anyone from the Minister of Fisheries to the kids fishing on the wharf on efforts to ensure good public access to this most important food source. He has developed the wide range of skills needed to effectively advocate for and represent public fishers in many forums and has participated as a member of Ministerial Advisory, MFish Policy Development, National Rock Lobster management and Challenger Scallops Recreational Groups. Geoff knows if we are to continue to improve our access to abundant fisheries we have to be constantly vigilant, be well organised and adequately resourced.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 027 4593557


Sheryl Hart

Vice President

Sheryl has a practical approach to fisheries management preferring to focus on results than the processes. As she says, she would rather spend the time and money actually making a boat ramp than doing the paperwork that makes the boat ramp legal. Even so, Sheryl does a solid job on submissions for the NZRFC, bringing her comprehensive knowledge of fisheries and fishing to the task. She is a stalwart member and secretary of the Raglan Sportfishing club and brings her practical experience of administration and fundraising to the NZRFC. Sheryl knows her local harbour is healthy and improving in fisheries abundance and wants to protect this and extend that positive fishing experience across New Zealand.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 021 943018

Keith Ingram

Past President

Keith is a professional mariner with some 45 years of sea-going and maritime experience operating all types of vessels from the Navy, the fishing industry, the charter boat industry to recreational boats. The name Keith Ingram is synonymous with the maritime industry with Keith undertaking roles right across the industry. He is the past president of both the NZ Marine Transport Association and NZ Recreational Fishing Council, has been awarded life memberships for both organisations and remains on both boards today. He is a member of the National Rock Lobster Management Group, is a marine assessor to the Transport Accident Investigation Commission, is a past unit commander for NZ Cadet forces and is a senior Honorary Fishery Officer and coordinator reporting to the Ministry of Fisheries. Locally Keith is a Rear Commodore of the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club and maintains a daily contact with the wider maritime industry where his services as a consultant and advisor on maritime matters are frequently sought. Keith is a competent and respected leader and a noted communicator with his writing skills. He is co-owner of VIP Publications Ltd and publisher, editor, feature writer and photographer for Professional Skipper Magazine, NZ Aquaculture Magazine and NZ Workboat Review. Keith has an abiding passion for fishing and the New Zealand fisheries resource. As a bit of an old sea dog, he continually battles on behalf of the fishing public so they can recreationally fish across all species and all parts of New Zealand.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 027 4584747



Bruce Reid

Retired teacher who taught Social Studies, Geography and more recently Computer Studies and Community Issues at Motueka High School. Currently I am President of the Motueka RSA Fishing Club and have been heavily involved with the club since its inception in 1999. I have shares in a 4.9m Stabi and when the opportunity arises (not often enough) I enjoy fishing the local waters of Tasman Bay. I also fish on charter trips especially Cook Strait, Durville Island, Clarence and Kaikoura. I’m keen to see recreational fishers gain guaranteed access to an equal share of the coastal fisheries. I support recreational only fishing areas and champion sustainable management of our precious seafood resources for future generations. I also participated in the FishinFuture conference in Nelson in February 2013 and believe strongly that the only way we can secure true sustainability is by having all recreational fishers speaking through one unified body. Full time professional advocacy of recreational fishers is the only way to have meaningful input into the management of marine resources. Funding of that advocacy will have to be confronted and so long as it is fair I will support it.

Email: [email protected]

Phone 03 528 7511



Ross Gildon

Board member

Ross brings to the Board more than 30 years of involvement with administration and management of recreational fisheries. He has held multiple leadership roles including being a Past President of the Whakatane Sport Fishing Club, the NZ Big Game Fishing Council and the NZRFC. As an ex diver, net flounder fisher, shell fish gatherer, surfcaster and big fish fisherman, Ross is dedicated to the well being of the aquatic world not only in the Bay of Plenty but the whole country. He has been involved with fisheries research for NIWA and MFish in addition to pursuing his own kahawai research. He has actively participated in fisheries management forums such as introduction of new species into the QMS, the Rights Working Group, the Foreshore and Seabed legislation among others. Ross recognises that the average age of the current recreational representatives is getting older each year and his concerns for future representation lead him to support the direction for change.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 027 4989363


George Zander

Board member

George takes a commonsense approach to his Board member role, bringing the benefit of his extensive fishing experience and preference for informed reactions to fisheries management issues. George has been fishing for sustenance and leisure for 40 years and has undertaken most types of fishing in this time. His increasing concern with the decline in fish stocks prompted him to take up leadership roles in recreational fisheries advocacy and management. From his roots as a Ngawi Sports Fishing Club member, George has been a delegate to the NZSFC for 10 years, delegate to the NZRFC for 8 years and a RFC Board member for the last 2 years. He has actively participated in the regional recreational forums with MFish since their inception. George’s experience as a committed recreational fishing volunteer has led him to believe that the financial and time demands on volunteers make a solely volunteer-run organisation unsustainable into the future.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 027 4504455


Mark Roden

Board member

Mark’s interest in marine issues and recreational fishing has grown out of 40 years of snorkeling and spearfishing and seeing the slow degradation of the whole coastal habitat. Mark is the immediate Past President of the Nelson Underwater Club, is a recent South Island spearfishing champ, is a member of TasFish and has been a member of the MFish Top of the South fishing forum. Mark is concerned that the priceless knowledge of those with over 50 years of fishing experience hold is captured and put to use in today’s fisheries management. He believes the total marine agenda is being driven by commercial interests and that more effort needs to be made at a public awareness level with the fishing public of New Zealand to ensure recreational interests are protected and enhanced.

Email: [email protected]





Kevin Moratti

Board member

Kevin has been a participant in the Marine environment all his life fishing at the port in New Plymouth as a child progressing to owning a number of boats over the years.  He enjoys all aspects of fishing.   His interest in the political side has increased over the years, being Chairman of the Taranaki Rec Fishers Assn for many years and also on the New Plymouth Port liaison committee.  He is a member of the New Plymouth Sport Fishing & Underwater Club also.  He was appointed to the North Island West Coast Fin Fish plan and also the FMA8 Advisory Group.  He was an honorary fisheries officer for seven years also.  He has MC’ed many fishing competitions and more lately was elected on the Board of RFC again after a break of a number of years.






Duncan MacIver

Board member

Email: [email protected]


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