Strategic Plan 2011-2014

At the July 2011 AGM, the Council voted to ratify the draft Strategic Plan to become THE Strategic Plan to take the Council from this year through to 2014.  It is estimated that these three years will involve a sea change in the way recreational fishing is organised and advocated for.  By the time the hoped-for national statutory organisation for recreational fishing is established, the role of the Council will have become redundant. The statutory organisation will be professionally advocating for recreational fishing and seriously influencing fisheries management decisions to the betterment of all recreational fishing.  Individual members of the Council can then simply go fishing or continue to assist advocacy by supporting the statutory organisation.

However there are three years of lots of work for the Council and its increasing membership.  The Strategic Plan sets out the Strategic Priorities and Outcomes for the Council in addition to identifying the Council’s Vision, Mission and Values.

To read the full Strategic Plan, click the following:

STRATEGIC PLAN w 2011 to 2014


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