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President’s Post – 25th May 2011
Welcome to the new look New Zealand Recreational Fishing Council website. It has taken a little longer than anticipated but it’s now up and running and looking great. We encourage you to take a look and provide comment. We want to provide an up to date site while at the same time making sure the history of the NZRFC isn’t lost. This history and the thousands of hours of voluntary work that have gone into protecting public access to our marine Taonga should forever provide the base as we adapt to an ever changing world.
This project, like many of those we face, has stretched our resources and it is a real credit to those who have done the work, much of it voluntarily. We all acknowledge the tremendous job that has been done by these volunteers over the years, but just like the fish we all love to catch, the pool of these resources is not bottomless. We recognise the need for sustainable use of the fisheries and I believe  we need to apply the same logic to the resources that are put into representing and protecting amateur fishers aspirations.
At last years AGM the incoming executive was asked to commission a review of the NZRFC and chart a course forward. Much of the background work has been done and is available here on the website. At this years AGM the results of the review and the subsequent 3 year strategic plan are open for discussion. The executive believes change is needed but for that to be successfully achieved widespread support is needed. We know that amateur fishers are an independent lot and so we haven’t just come up with a plan we want to jam down your throats. By the same token we are firmly of the view that doing nothing and hoping “it will be alright” isn’t good enough.
As much as I would like to think we have a “public service” looking after our “public resources” this simply isn’t the reality today. There are threats to our access to abundant fisheries coming at us from many directions requiring constant vigilance. To this end the NZRFC wants to assist by working as a “change agent” working with amateur fishers to develop an acceptable model for representation our needs. I encourage you to become familiar with the issues and provide your input.
Together I am sure we can meet any challenge thrown at us.
Take care and good fishing,

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