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As a result of the Ministry of Fisheries reorganisation in 2009 and its 2030 strategy, the Ministry changed its approach to fisheries planning and its approaches to engagement with tangata whenua and stakeholders. Now the Ministry engages with recreational fishers via regional forums and by posting its current issues for consultation on the Ministry’s website.  The onus is on recreational fishers to keep abreast of developments to ensure the recreational voice is heard.

Follow this link for the latest fisheries issues being consulted on by MFish:

Recreational Forums meet with Ministry staff three times a year to discuss fisheries management issues. These meetings aim to obtain recreational sector input into fisheries management decision making and develop the capacity of both Ministry staff and recreational forum members to assist effective management of recreational fisheries.

While forums can provide the Ministry with the perspective of the recreational fishing sector, forum engagements do not act as a substitute for statutory consultation. This means that even when forums have discussed issues with the Ministry, the general public still has the opportunity to comment on important decisions that affect recreational fisheries.

Although the NZRFC is participating in the recreational forums, the Council is yet to be convinced that the recreational forums are an effective mechanism for influencing fisheries management.


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