NZRFC send representative to Germany to learn from world’s best practice

The New Zealand Recreational Fishing Council is committed to Fostering Change towards a better future for all who fish for food or fun in New Zealand.  Fostering change means opening up dialogue and getting information and views from as many people, organisations and jurisdictions as possible.  After all, decisions to be made on the future of recreational fishing in New Zealand will rely on the weight of evidence for change, so it makes sense to get the best information available nationally and internationally.

Therefore, the Council is grabbing the opportunity to attend the 6th World Recreational Fishing Conference (WRFC) to be held in August, 1-4, 2011 at the Humboldt-University in Berlin (Germany). By learning from the world’s best practices and networking with fishers and experts internationally, the Council can contribute the best available information to discussions on the future of New Zealand recreational fishing.

Globalisation and international networking are two tools to assisting Kiwis find the best pathway for a better recreational fishing future.  The theme of the WRFC is Towards Resilient Recreational Fisheries and it is the only conference of its kind in the world that is wholly focused on recreational fishing issues. It thus will be examining issues of recreational fishing that we in NZ only scratch the surface on.

At this point of Fostering Change in the recreational fisheries sector, it is timely to be able to learn off international experience and shortcut the journey to a better future.  Participants from New Zealand and Australia have attended previous WRF conferences and have remarked on the invaluable experience gained.

As Martin Salter said in his recent comprehensive report Keep Australia Fishing,

“Currently there is too much of a culture of reaction, complaint and protest rather than working jointly towards a shared vision on a common policy.” The Council is wholly focused on positively fostering a process that engages Kiwi fishers to design their preferred future.

It is time for Kiwi fishers to step up to stewardship to ensure ongoing access to abundant fisheries into the future. The question is how can we best give effect to our recreational fishing rights and undertake our responsibilities for stewardship of the resources we hold so dear.  The answer is held collectively by us all and we have an individual responsibility to put our ideas forward.

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